Day 5: Leaving Missouri, Two Big Cities, and Back on Eastern Time


Day 5 was my longest travel day of the trip. Started in Rolla, MO, a lovely place. Went on to cross two state lines, and drive through two big, sprawling cities: St. Louis and Indianapolis. This lengthy journey also returned me to the Eastern Time Zone. Phew!

We spent the night in Richmond, Indiana at a really nice, clean, well-appointed Best Western hotel—our first! After three Wyndham La Quintas (Flagstaff, Santa Rosa, Oklahoma City) and a Wyndham Baymont (Rolla), guess we were ready for a change. Best Western did not disappoint, nor did Gulzar’s Indian Cuisine, two minutes down the road.

Today we depart Richmond, Indiana and head to our second Best Western of the trip, landing in Dunkirk, NY, on the shores of Lake Eerie, sometime this afternoon. Tonight will be our last night in a hotel, and tomorrow our last day on the road. But first things first. Load up the car for the second to last time… and…we’re off! 🦉OBC🌵

P.S. No photos to share from Richmond, but here are some I snapped in Rolla, and at the delightful Ozarkland gift shop. Enjoy!

Took Timi on a final loop around Blue Lake. Can you spy the goose?
Clyde enjoys Blue Lake from inside. (He spent half the night on that windowsill, keeping watch.)
Pun lovers unite!
Front porch of Ozarkland, a fun gift shop in northeastern Missouri. ❤️
One more from Blue Lake. Is it a turtle or a rock? I still can’t decide. 😂

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