Day 4: Highway 44 from OK to MO

The truck says TRUST.

Ever since I found out about Tornado Alley and tornado season, a part of me was worried about this day. “This” being the day I had to drive through tornado country. (Frankly, I’d worried about yesterday, too.) But worry or not, I had to drive through it. So I kept my eye on the weather, and kept my worry under wraps. Thought creates energy, and you reap what you sow. So stay out of worry if you can. Positive energy may bring us better outcomes than negative energy, and it feels better, too.

That said, I would have stayed an extra night somewhere if the outlook was poor. But my weather yesterday, when I drove through Texas into Oklahoma, was full sun all the way. Today started off cloudy, but the On The Way app forecast looked promising: a chance of showers, a section of wet road, but no thunderstorms, with the best departure time being 8:30 AM. So that’s what we did. (I know the clock below says 7:25, but that’s just because we changed time zones for a second time on Day 3. That was fast!)

(CA: 136,215) • Departing OK: 137,475 • Total Distance covered so far: 1,260 miles

By the way, this sign was posted outside both the front and side entrances to my hotel in Oklahoma City (La Quinta — North Quail Springs.) Can’t say I’ve seen one of these before, have you? I appreciate the consideration, but…

Be Considerate

Back to our Day 4 adventures. The fastest route from OK City to Rolla, Missouri involves a toll highway through Tulsa. These tolls took me by surprise last November, and left me scrounging under the seat for change because they were the real, old fashioned toll baskets! Many of them! Hence this time, I was prepared. (Note: If you ever need quarters, the front desk sells rolls.)

Toll ready.

But guess what? In the six months since I last passed through, the Highway Department did away with those archaic baskets. Now they just have an admittedly still somewhat old-fashioned toll booth at either end, with a real live person in it who collects your $5. Leaving me with plenty of quarters for laundry when we go back to California. (Rumor has it an additional Pay by Plate bill may be arriving later in the mail, but that remains to be seen.)

At any rate, despite dark skies for the first two hours of today’s journey, no rain developed. By the time the OBC caravan reached Missouri, it was a beautiful day. We pulled off at the State Welcome Center and found a nice oak tree to sit under. I did some yoga, Timi checked out other dogs, and I think Clyde enjoyed feeling his paws on the earth.

What’s over there?
Yoga break at the Missouri welcome center.

I’ve only been through Missouri twice, but both times I’ve been struck by the quiet, lush beauty of this state. I feel very peaceful here. And how wonderful that our hotel turned out to be situated at the edge of a little lake!

The Wyndham Baymont Inn & Suites on Blue Lake, Rolla, MO.
(If you zoom in, you can see the Prius parked outside Door Number Three.)

There is a walking path encircling the lake which takes ten minutes to complete, so after unpacking the car, Timi and I did three rounds. Exercise: yes!

After 6 months in the desert, Timi is happy to see a body of water! And to stretch his legs after all those hours in the car.

We went back after dinner for another round, and saw a Great Blue Heron in the water. It flew away as we approached, but just a little bit away. When we got close again, it took off again. And then a third time! Thrice blessed to see those wide wings open, and hear the sound of long gray feathers rustle as the giant bird took flight. What a gorgeous way to end the day. 🦉OBC🌵

A peaceful place. Blue Lake, Rolla MO.

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