Day 3: Midwestward Ho

Good morning, Santa Rosa, NM!

First off, here’s the big news: The earplugs worked! Got a good night’s sleep and woke up refreshed for today’s drive through Eastern New Mexico, all the way across the Texas panhandle, and on into Oklahoma.

Timi and I had a lovely walk in the early morning sunshine down Cedarwood Lane, a little side street near the hotel. The first house had a very creative display in the backyard.

Yard Art Display, Santa Rosa, NM.

I was prepared to go further, but just then, a large man in a big pickup truck pulled over and warned me that we were about to run into a big pack of dogs. Yikes! I thanked him and turned around. Big pack of dogs, not on my bucket list.

Departing Odometer Reading. Total Distance covered so far: 825 miles (CA to NM)

We left the hotel at 9:00 sharp and got back onto I-40 for the first leg of Day 3, which coincidentally covered three states. After Santa Rosa, I passed Fort Sumner and Tucumcari, where I automatically started singing Willin’ for several miles before crossing the border into Texas.

The I-40 crosses through the Texas panhandle over a distance of 177 miles. Until you hit Amarillo, just west of the midpoint, the area is very sparsely populated, but it’s a high windy plain. For that reason, it has become home to hundreds of majestically towering windmills. So impressive to drive through. Way to go, alternative energy Texas!

After two hours of driving, our first stop was the Loves fuel station in West Amarillo, Texas. There I filled up the tank for $3.04/gallon—so much cheaper than the $4.69 I was paying in California! Why is that?

Also bought two bottles of water, and a cap for my head. I love Loves.

Loving Loves.

Two hours later it was time for our second stop. We had just entered Oklahoma, and pulled off at the Visitor Center in Erick for a little break. There were a ton of birds at this stop, all singing their hearts out. I counted ten nests in the tree we parked under, seeking shade.


By this point it was 90 degrees outside, so even though I parked in the shade, I couldn’t leave the pets in the car.

Family rest room 😂

Despite the heat, I was really grateful for the sunny weather. The state of Oklahoma, I have learned, marks the gateway to Tornado Alley. And this is tornado season. I am keeping my eye on the forecast. The next two days may be touchy.

Magpie in the Tree of Ten Nests.

Your thoughts and prayers are ever so welcome. 🦉OBC🌵

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