Day 6: Shortest & Toughest & Almost Home

Today’s journey began in Richmond, Indiana, close to the Ohio border, and ended in Dunkirk, NY, about 30 miles west of Buffalo. The tedious slog though Ohio plus a quick jaunt through Pennsylvania’s northern tip (Eerie canal, anyone?) made this a four-state day, altogether.

(CA: 136,215) Departing IN: 138,298. Total distance covered so far: 2,083 miles

Ohio wins this trip’s award for “most challenging state to drive through,” with two congested urban centers to traverse (Cincinnati/Dayton and Columbus), more trucks than I’ve had to deal with elsewhere, and a fairly generous degree of aggressive drivers. Witnessed a lot of fruitless lane changing, a lot of passing on the right—there was a whole lot of weaving going on. Fortunately the bold crone was well rested and kept her cool.

Two hours into the day’s 5.5 total, I stopped to refuel and walk Timi in Mt. Gilead. This was following the first urban challenge. Appreciated the break!

Mt. Gilead Pilot

Another grueling two hours later, which included the Columbus challenge of intricate exits and mergers as road numbers shifted, we crossed into Pennsylvania on Interstate 90 (!) and enjoyed break number two. GOOD NEWS: It turns out that within a few miles of entering a new state, there always seems to be a pleasant, attractive, well-maintained Rest Area & Information Center waiting for weary travelers.

Guess where this rest area is located?

I love stopping at these rest areas to walk Timi and stretch my own legs, too.

The beautiful, noble, and loyal Timi Hendrix. Taking a break from the road in Eerie, PA.

Sometimes I even take Clyde out of his travel crate for a look-see.

Clyde refreshing himself in Eerie, PA.

As of this writing, Clyde’s paws have touched the earth in Massachusetts, California, Arizona, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Pennsylvania.

Back in Montague—where he was born in September, 2008, and lived his entire life until we took our first trip out west, last November—Clyde was always a man about town.

Now, he is a man of the world.

Best Western, Dunkirk, NY. Last night on the road. (The kids are ready to be home!)

Go Clyde! And Timi! You both rock! And we are almost there yet… 🦉OBC🌵

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Evolution-based clinical nutritionist specializing in low carbohydrate nutrition, sugar addiction & ED recovery.

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